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Where did all our goodness go?

In Opinion on April 23, 2012 at 4:44 pm

A life-long friend sent me this note today:

Is it time or is it place that has made people stop being good?

When we were born in Nashville, there were five hospitals.  St. Thomas, Baptist, Vanderbilt, Meharry, and General.  A Catholic, a Protestant, a private started by a wealthy business man, (Meharry was started with donations from three white brothers who wanted to provide healthcare for blacks), and a public hospital.  When I traveled later in life I noticed this pattern throughout the U.S.  In almost every large city I visited, there was a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and a private, sometimes not for profit hospital founded by a rich benefactor.

So, Nashville was not very different from those other places; it must not be place that caused or has suspended goodness.  It has to have something to do with time.

What has happened since the [early] 1960’s that prevents people from being good anymore. What has happened that has led part of America to believe that we will not pitch in together with charities like YMCA, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Red Cross, etc. dang near to finitum?  (That’s Latin, southern style.)  Why does liberalism presupposes that men will only do good when forced?  We know from our experience that men will do good, nay best, when they are free.

The great irony is that only by force, by the reduction of freedom can modern liberalism accomplish their version of ‘good.’  It is the modern day equivalent of the clergy making us sin that grace may abound.

Good questions.

Any answers?


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