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Are any of us free? or are we giving ourselves too much ‘free’ stuff?

In Opinion on April 23, 2012 at 10:31 am

Today, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, one of the guests unwittingly revealed the thinking behind much of what’s wrong with our society.  The relevant (to my point) portion of the clip is the 15 seconds from 1:20 to 1:35 in the interview – after the 30 second commercial, sorry.  The guest is on the show to promote his recently published book and a medical training program for freelance journalists who are doing their jobs in war zones.  The exchange below is about the training program.  (Emphasis added)

GUEST AUTHOR:  It’s completely free.  The hotel is paid for.  The training is paid for, the medical kit [is paid for].

JOE SCARBOROUGH:  How’s the response?

GUEST AUTHOR:  It’s been great.  We have 100 people on the waiting list; we just need to raise more money.

Since it’s free, it’s no wonder they have a waiting list, right?  But, if it’s free, why do they need to raise more money?

You see, “free” when used in the context of an exchange of a product or service is short-hand for “free of charge to you.”

Nothing is free of charge.  There’s no free health care under ObamaCare, there’s not free education in the public schools, there’s not even a free cookie in a “baker’s dozen” or free channels on basic cable.

As more and more of us let someone else pay the bill, all that free stuff is going to cost us our very life, the only thing that is free.  In America, as constituted in 1789, we are meant to live our lives FREE of being compelled give to or take from other free men, with all of whom we share the quality of having been created equal[ly free].  However, our federal government is actively engaged in the lie that housing, food stamps, contraceptives and other such things are and should be, first, affordable and, eventually, ‘free’

Stop the lies.  Free the poor from the government’s chains before we’re all in the same chains.


PS – I do not mean to equate the author’s effort to raise money for an educational program with similar government actions.  The author does not have the power to force anyone to contribute to his cause, and I wish him success.  The government does possess that power.


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