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Hey, Mom, shut up already.

In Opinion on April 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Why is everyone debating the value of motherhood or the virtue of stay-at-home moms vs. moms who draw a paycheck outside of the home?

This clip from CNN started the kerfuffle.

Hilary Rosen of CNN didn’t insult mothers who stay at home.  No, she merely said they don’t count, and that their opinions are not worthy of an airing.  Consequently, in Ms. Rosen’s opinion, Mitt Romney should never waste his time getting input from his wife of 40 years, because she”hasn’t worked a day in her life.”  Then, after that insult (any other way to read it otherwise?) at the end of this clip, she accuses Mr. Romney of being an “old fashioned” man who “doesn’t really see [women] as equals.”

Actually, I would suggest that Mr. Romney does indeed see his wife as his equal, that’s why he looks to her for advice and counsel.  Ms. Rosen is guilty of blatant disrespect of Mrs. Romney.  Ms. Rosen said explicitly that Mrs. Romney had no business expressing her views on economic matters, that her husband’s reliance on her was somehow wrong and ill-advised.  Her attempt to cover up the insult by ‘apologizing’ by way of saying something like ‘a rich woman can’t know what it’s like to be poor’ (true, and a duck can’t know what it’s like to be a frog) doesn’t undo the insult.  It’s merely a distraction, and not an interesting one at that.  I don’t think we want only poor people in government, and I’m certain we don’t want any [more] ducks there, even if we do need some duck experts.

All of this makes me wonder – what other people lose their right to have an opinion because of their status in life? Who else doesn’t count?


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