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Politicians: are they Mockingbirds or Mocking Birds?

In Opinion on April 10, 2012 at 9:14 am

Wall Street Journal’s Wm McGurn addresses Trayvon Martin case – sort of.

Where is Atticus Finch? Everyone seems to be on either Trayvon Martin’s or George Zimmerman’s side.  Atticus Finch was on the side of the LAW.  Harper Lee’s choice to write the book so that Finch’s client appeared to be innocent (though found guilty by the jury) didn’t make Atticus the hero; standing up for the law, BEFORE he knew the verdict, made Atticus the hero.  Who’s taking that position today?  Has anyone stood up for the law, or is everyone, as usual, picking a side, as if they’re watching a football game?

And, when the game is over, since no one stood up for the law, it will be the umpires’ fault when one side doesn’t win and we will experience another national, unbridgeable divide between US and THEM, and ‘justice’ will be a meaningless word in this regard, and increasingly in general.  Today, there are no leaders, no heroes who stand for blind justice and equality before the law.  There are only grotesque politicians who turn every event into a way to gain favor with a voting block in order to advance their own quests for power.

And we cheer it on, oblivious to the disaster that will destroy us when the reign of power politics displaces the rule of law.

My son wrote a text to me last night about today’s politicians.  “What planet are they from?  I can’t imagine using my entire life simply to trick people into thinking I’m smart so they’ll let me control them.”

Son, they’re from planet earth; but not from the republic our founders meant for us to inhabit.  They’ll tug at any loose thread if it gives them more control.  Nothing, not the law, not justice, and certainly not your right to live free will get in their way.  The miracle of America hangs in the balance.

Where is Atticus Finch?


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