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10,000 Hungry Immigrants per day. Are they free? Who will feed them?

In Opinion on February 18, 2012 at 1:15 am

Two years ago, after President Obama’s State of the Union, I had these thoughts about America.  I don’t think anyone in Washinton, DC was listening.  We have more freedom taken from us by the day.  When will it stop?

  1. OK I guess I figured it out. Did you see the comparison between this years SOTU and last years? This guy has one script, and he is hoping no one notices the dearth of any new ideas (or any deas that actually WORK)


    • Welcome.

      I didn’t see any comparison, but I get your point. All of his speeches sound alike, that’s how megalomaniacs talk. There is nothing new to state control of everything, so stop waiting for him to advocate for it with originality. He and his cronies know it’s never worked before, but they’re convinced – just like their predecessors Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and Chavez – that it has failed because it wasn’t done properly or expertly enough.

      Remember, in 2008 a election speech, when Obama said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” That’s what he meant. Head leftie talking to the lefties. WE will get it right this time, trust us.

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