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Tyranny and Rubbers

In Opinion on February 3, 2012 at 12:16 pm

How does anyone but a tyrant equate liberty with one’s ‘right’ to make someone else pay for his contraception?

The ObamaCare law requires ALL insurance policies to cover (‘for free’) the insured’s costs of contraception.  Or, put another way, all Americans now have a right to subsidized, meaningless, inconsequential casual sex.  (Why wasn’t this guy president when I was 16?)  And, if you’re Catholic, you will pay for your fellow parishioners’ promiscuity because, well, it’s the law, damn it!

See, the Catholic Church has asked for a special dispensation (no, not from the Pope – they’re going over his head, straight to Barack Obama) from the Secretary of Human Services’ commandment that says “Thou shalt provide ‘free’ birth control to your employees.”  I think it has something to do with the arcane, ancient religious beliefs to which they cling (along with their guns) in desperation and protest over current economic difficulties.  Turns out that those self-righteous and preachy Catholic priests have been telling their flock that sex and procreation have something to do with each other, and those same extremist, uh, clerics believe that having one without regard to the other is sinful.  How quaint.

Here’s something else that’s almost as quaint.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .”  Those pesky Catholics have the nerve to think that forcing them to pay for other people’s ‘right’ to fornicate without fear of pregnancy impedes their right to freely exercise their religion.  (I think it impedes their right to be free PERIOD – an appeal to freedom of religion is their belt to my suspenders, but . . . another day.)  What a nutty interpretation of liberty they’ve developed!  Don’t those Catholics know that liberty really means conformity and obedience to any law that 50.000001% of the people might support?

In addressing this topic, the editors of The New York Times (Editorial HERE) reveal the tyrannical tendencies of their political ilk.

He [Mitt Romney] was promising to defend the Roman Catholic Church’s “religious liberty” to deprive its tens of thousands of employees and university students of their own liberty

In the view of the New York Times, a person is denied his liberty if he is denied the power to force someone else to pay for his rubbers.

How do you define liberty?

Afterthought – The left’s definition of ‘liberty’ has been re-affirmed.  The Susan Komen Foundation, a charitable entity which gets its money from voluntary contributions, has the liberty to (1) only succumb to political pressure that comes from the left and (2) give grants to anyone they wish as long as the recipient is Planned Parenthood.  Isn’t it interesting how the left sprung to the defense of the number 1 abortion provider in the country but has mostly ignored, even supported, the Obama administration’s smack down of the Catholic Church.


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