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Jack and Jill Fight a War; Both Lose

In Opinion on February 1, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Paul Gigot of The Wall Street Journal tells us that Mitt Romney has some work to do before he will garner a majority of the votes of people who drive red Volvos and wear Ray Bans on Thursdays – well, sort of.

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Mr. Gigot and every campaign strategist in America is looking at Florida primary exit polls to see who voted for whom and why.  That kind of slicing, dicing and analyzing the electorate is the genesis of every political and economic problem we face.  Mitt Romney, armed with this information, will buy votes from various constituencies with campaign promises and then, if elected, proceed to spend his time in office paying off promises with government largess, i.e. running for re-election.

“Divide and conquer” originated as a war-time strategy to be deployed by an army against its mortal enemy.  Now it’s a campaign plan that pits power-seekers against their mortal enemy, namely free men and women.  Yes, the voters are the enemies whom politicians work over-time to divide and conquer.  We, the people, gave exclusively to the government the power to use force to compel certain behavior, and now the people find themselves enslaved, having sold their lives and freedoms to the welfare distributors and the tax loop-hole writers, who retain their power largely because they have on their side the tax man, wielding a whip.

When the government attempts to choose a loser to pay for a politician’s promises of food, education and health care, the founders meant for it to meet an immovable object, that loser’s unalienable rights.  The government is supposed to be immobilized.  Instead, it runs around that road-block by either (a) allocating the pain of loss to a certain demographic group that votes ‘the wrong way’ so their objection can be ignored or, more often, (b) hiding behind a government-invented ‘right’ thereby arrogating to politicians the unConstitutional power to decide which ‘right’ is more sacred – Dr. Jack’s freedom from servitude or Jill’s ‘free’ visit to his office.  And the winner is invariably the bigger voting block.

The government constitutionally cannot arbitrate between the rights of Jack and Jill.  Remember that important word, unalienable, and note that there are no caveats.  If it appears that an insoluble conflict between a respective constitutional right of Jack and Jill is at issue, two things are true – (1) at least one of them is claiming something that is not a “right” that is protected by government powers granted by WE in the Constitution, since true rights can’t conflict with one another, and (2) the government cannot, or constitutionally speaking, shall not, intervene.  The government, according to the Constitution can neither take any of Mitt Romney’s money to pay Jill’s doctor bill nor ask Dr. Jack to waive his fee.

Until and unless that lesson is made clear to our politicians and is used to repeal most of the federal laws adopted over the last 100 years or so, we are not living in the republic our founders intended to have given us.


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