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Is Mitt Romney our next President?

In Opinion on January 9, 2012 at 1:55 pm

In an interview with Chuck Todd, moments after walking off the stage on which he endorsed Mitt “Corporations are People” Romney, Senator John McCain said that the problem with politics, the cause of the negative ads, super-PACs and all the money awash in politics is “the Citizens United decision, one of the worst decisions ever made by the SCOTUS.”  Then, when asked if he would encourage his candidate, Mr. Romney, to distance himself from or discourage the behavior of the SuperPACs, he said, “No, that’s how the game is played.”  (Note: ‘Corporations are people’ is, while not literally true, correct thinking.)

The government-power machine operators are behind Mitt Romney, because they know that he’ll make the machine run better, and, further, he won’t take the keys away from them.  They are agnostic about his conservative credentials.  Conservative, Massachusetts Moderate . . . either way, they will own him, he will do as told.  He is not an agent of change, he is an agent of the machine.

How do I know?

Romney’s big complaint about Barack Obama is that he is incompetent, that he doesn’t know how the economy works, etc.  That’s exactly wrong.  The President does know how the economy works, that’s why he is so good at killing it in favor of government power.  He knows very well into which gears to pour the sand.

The United States’ government does not have the problem of incompetence, it has a crisis based on the philosophical groundings of the men and women who hold office.  Only someone who has faced power head-on and won can effect change.

None of the political class of today qualifies for the job.


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