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Conservative of the Year, Paul Ryan!?

In Opinion on December 22, 2011 at 11:21 am


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Jeff Neal Nominated for Academy Award – Best Actor, YouTube Shorts

Human Events, whose tag line is Powerful Conservative Voices, today named Paul Ryan the Conservative of the Year.  (Link Here)

A major factor in their selection is his Path to Prosperity, Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution which contains his plan for returning to fiscally responsible governing and a comparison of his plan, dubbed a Choice of Two Futures, to President Obama’s 10-year plan (which was rejected 97-0  in the US Senate, BTW).

Mr. Ryan’s bold budget plan calls for spending $3.5 trillion in fiscal 2012, a whopping $100,000,000,000 or 2.7% less than the $3.6 trillion proposed by the Obama Administration.

Other highlights:  He boasts that over the next 10 years, the Ryan budget contains approximately $6.2 trillion less spending than the POTUS’s budget.  $6.2 trillion is 13.4% of the $46.2 trillion the POTUS wants to spend.  13.4%; $6.2 trillion – Uh, well, those sound like significant numbers, until you put them in context.  The current fiscal year deficit will be $1.4 trillion out of $3.6 trillion in spending – so, we’re borrowing 39% of what we spend.  In other words, Mr, Ryan has boldly proposed cutting about 1/3 of what we need to cut in order to get to balanced budget.  WOW.  Where can I get a cold shower, I’m getting sort of overheated with all this conservatism!

More notable is the timing of these ‘cuts’ – over the 10-year period, 16% of the cuts are in the 10th year, 31% in years 9-10, 45% in years 8-10, 57% in years 7-10.  Can you say ‘back-loaded”?

Or, look at it this way – we get 2.8% of that savings in year 1, 6.8% in years 1-2, and 13% in years 1-3.  So, 30% of the way into the period, we’ve made it 13% of the way to the goal line.  Can you say “slow-starter”?

In other words, it will never happen because tomorrow never comes in DC where it is perpetually today; every single damn day is today.  There has never been and we will never see a tomorrow in Washington, DC.

We can do much better.

And my sincere thanks to the Academy.  Win or lose, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

See (Here) and (Here) for previous C.U.R.E. critiques of Ryan’s plan.


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