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Where’s Gloria (Waldo) Allred?

In Opinion on December 18, 2011 at 10:19 am


I’ve been wondering what happened to the Democrats who insisted their attacks on Herman Cain weren’t about scoring political points, they were about justice for the victims of heinous crimes and rude behavior.  What happened – did Mr. Cain’s withdrawal from the campaign cleanse the victims’ memories?  Did those crimes go down the memory hole?  I’m guessing that Gloria Allred has been holding press conferences with daily updates on the matter, just no one is showing up, right?  Poof!  Like none of it ever happened – hmmm, maybe it didn’t.  I have no idea, never had any interest in knowing – just wondering why ‘they’ all stopped being so curious and concerned about justice.

Fact-based sexual harassment cases have actual results, like, for example, the soon-to-be former POTUS making a payment of $800,000 to his victim and agreeing in a settlement to a ban from practicing law for the rest of his life.  Real episodes of extra-marital sexual misbehavior are exposed upon the discovery of a semen-stained blue dress and contemporary, sworn corroboration of the testimony of a woman about a man who did have what IS “sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”  (In today’s post, I employ the same definition of what “is” is that almost everyone else does.)

Fact-based matters don’t get lost down the memory hole.  But accusations that are more likely than not to be either (a) untrue or (b) politically motivated, will usually get lost down the memory hole after they’ve served their purpose.  Voila, memories purged, shrug it off and . . . well, except for the memories of the man whose obituary will read “accomplished businessman who in 2011 was forced to resign from a campaign for the presidency because of accusations of sexual harassment and extra-marital affairs involving at least 5 women.”

Oh, and his wife and kids – they’ll just shrug it off too, right?  Yeah, let’s move on.

Thanks Gloria.  Thanks David Axelrod.

  1. I did not suggest that Gloria A had political motivations, just that she conveniently dropped the issue when he stepped down. Maybe whoever was paying her bills stopped paying them, right?

    Not sure I said anywhere that Obama’s team was behind the accusations, but I would not doubt it at all. They couldn’t let another black man challenge theirs. And why do you insist that for Obama’s team to be involved is so out of touch with reality? Are you the final arbiter of all speculative statements? Must be nice.

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