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How many racists does it take to make you angry?

In Opinion on November 29, 2011 at 8:18 pm

The New York Times reports that public-sector lay-offs will have a disproportionate impact on blacks.  That’s a statistical fact that should provoke some interesting thoughts and conversations about the causes of and concerns about this outcome.  (Link here.)  A central part of the piece follows.

The central role played by government employment in black communities is hard to overstate. African-Americans in the public sector earn 25 percent more than other black workers, and the jobs have long been regarded as respectable, stable work for college graduates, allowing many to buy homes, send children to private colleges and achieve other markers of middle-class life that were otherwise closed to them.

Blacks have relied on government jobs in large numbers since at least Reconstruction, when the United States Postal Service hired freed slaves. The relationship continued through a century during which racial discrimination barred blacks from many private-sector jobs, and carried over into the 1960s when government was vastly expanded to provide more services, like bus lines to new suburbs, additional public hospitals and schools, and more.

Boiler-plate, “world ends, poor hit hardest” journalism, right?

But the reason this came to my attention is that Al Sharpton, a black TV host on MSNBC, had as a guest the president of The National Urban League, Marc Morial, also a black man.  They discussed this NY Times piece on his show tonight.  And, as expected, they used this piece as the basis to argue for more government spending to support these ‘middle-class jobs’ – firemen, police officers, teachers, etc.

And, the notable part?  These two accomplished(?) black “leaders” seemed to speak with great pride in their brothers’ and sisters’ ability to be more, uh, dependent on the government for a paycheck.  They expressed great concern for their brethren and their ability to get on with life if they were to lose their grip on this rung on the ladder to middle class status.  They suggested that tax-payers owed these slaves, uh, dependents, uh, public employees a living, and officials better not dare cut spending further, else the workers would likely “take to the street” if necessary to force tax-payers to feed them, I mean, to keep their jobs

I will defer for now a discussion of why anyone in this country should be proud of his race’s success vis-a-vis other races’ success in any area of human endeavor.  (But, I will say that it doesn’t sound like a pro-diversity kind of behavior, does it?)

Instead I’ll ask this:  Is this progress for the black community?  Or, more to the point, isn’t it about time racists like Al Sharpton are taught better manners or else asked to take their bilge elsewhere.


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