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Liberals Just Need Better Friends. Really.

In Opinion on November 27, 2011 at 11:00 pm

A very good friend of mine recently gave me this bit of wisdom.

He has been telling his big-government, liberal acquaintances that they need to get a new set of people to hang out with.  They, he hypothesizes, must not have nice friends.

You see, my friend (a good man, yes, but not really a special guy) surrounds himself with kind, generous, charitable, free men and women.  They volunteer for clean-up efforts after floods, they give money to their church, they employ people to do work for pay, they encourage drunks to sober up (no comments from the cheap seats, please) and they generally love their fellow man.  More importantly, they do all those things voluntarily, cheerfully and often anonymously.

In contrast, it appears that his liberal, Democrat acquaintances are convinced that those and other innumerable good things can only be done by the government.  And, they seem to conclude, the government can only do those good things after they have confiscated money from those liberals’ friends, enemies and colleagues – in other words, rich people.

I have an idea:  Let’s introduce my friend’s friends to some of our friends.  Let’s stop trying to make them understand that big government is wrong, let’s show them it’s not necessary.  They are (I hope) good people with good intentions, they just have bad friends.

We can fix that!  Wow, that’s the best news ever!  Introduce your friends to some liberals – will change the world.


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