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Occupy Oakland – Where are all the free doctors?

In Opinion on October 26, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Is there a definition of ‘insurrection” handy?

An example of where the Occupy Wall Street crowd is taking ‘political dissent” in this video:

(From Huffington Post – Occupy Oakland)

Question:  When they scream ‘medic’ who is supposed to show up?  A volunteer doctor?  But, if he is volunteering to dispense his medical expertise, how is he ever going to repay his student loans?

This ‘peaceful’ demonstration is only peaceful in the sense that they aren’t carrying guns, clubs or knives.  The disturbances they are causing are just as much a physical inconvenience to the citizens of that town as would be a few broken bones or stab wounds.  Just because their form of protest does not draw blood does not mean they are non-violent.  The damage they’re doing is irreparable – give those people back the hours they’re spending in traffic jams?  Give them back the money they’re paying the policemen to maintain order?  No, of course not.

This is not properly described as protected free speech or petitioning the government.  Laws against disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, vagrancy, (or even insurrection?) and similar laws that are on the books are not suddenly deemed unconstitutional or unenforceable because more than one or a few people are breaking them, or because they purport to be making a political statement with the violent non-violent actions.

This should be stopped soon, even with the use of force if necessary, or it will devolve into something akin to the demonstrations in Egypt.

Or, is that what they’re after?


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