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Finally, the 411 on 9-9-9

In Opinion on October 19, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Arthur B. Laffer: Cain’s Stimulating ‘9-9-9’ Tax Reform –

Over and over, Republicans and Democrats alike are saying “it just doesn’t add up” and “ALL economic studies and analyses show that it doesn’t raise enough revenue” and so forth, but we’ve yet to have a specific analysis cited or published.

Now we have one, summarized in a few hundred words, that exposes the falsehood of all of those lies, er, assertions.

In short, Mr. Cain’s plan works.  (I am not endorsing Mr. Cain or the 9-9-9 plan – For purposes of this writing, I’m neutral.)

I AM saying that it’s interesting to hear the political class, which eats and breathes because of the power they wield via the tax code, sing in unison, regardless of party, the chorus of condemnation of anything that threatens to take that cudgel away from them.  Absent that tool, they could not (surreptitiously) steal freedom from us at every turn.

Especially, note the ones who confess their own complicity by saying, “We can’t trust ourselves, er, politicians with another form of taxation to siphon more money from Americans.”



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