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The View’s Behar identifies new role models for Obama

In Opinion on October 12, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Only Jews Are in Danger

You may be familiar with the facts surrounding Hank Williams, Jr.’s appearance on Fox and Friends last week.  In brief, he said that President Obama and Speaker Boehner’s playing golf together was like Hitler and Netanyahu playing golf.  (See clip here).  I will take no position about whether he is guilty of “comparing Obama to Hitler” – you decide for yourself.

Either way, I find it interesting that Joy Behar of The View has declared that it’s ok to compare the sitting POTUS with “Stalin, Pol Pot, Ginghis Kahn or Atilla the Hun” but NEVER Hitler (gasp!)  (See clip here – @ 3:00 mark).  Honestly, she said that.

As a statement of historical opinion or context, it can be argued that America is experiencing a phase in its history that is more like that of Germany in the 1930s than the history of the countries ruled by the 4 dictators/murderers Ms. Behar cites.  Furthermore, it is not untrue that the Obama White House’s and the Democratic Party’s solutions bear some resemblance to Hitler’s solutions to Germany’s economic woes of that period.  (For the record, I’m sure that was not the point Ms. Behar was making, but my purpose here is to preempt any suggestion that she was making a rational or historic point about Stalin, et. al. and their roles in world affairs or their respective country’s history.)

The more interesting point, I think is made as follows.  May we, for the sake of discussion, set aside Hitler’s anti-Semitic vileness and mass killing spree?*  If so, I stipulate that even without the Holocaust factored into the analysis, Hitler nonetheless belongs in the top 10 list of “Bad Men in History” and, it follows that his name should not be cited rhetorically, metaphorically or otherwise in a manner that might seem to trivialize his crimes against humanity.  However, to suggest that it is preferable to use any of those other 4 criminals as role models for the POTUS is a new low point, even for Obama’s most disappointed and dispirited [former?] cheerleaders.

Who knew, Joy?

Hitler, national-socialism and anti-Semitic massacres > BAD.

Stalin, socialism and indiscriminate massacres > GOOD.

Thanks, for the clarification.  I guess Jimmy Carter was right after all; my fear of socialism is “inordinate” because, well, I’m not Jewish and the only kind of bad socialist-led massacre is the kind that kills Jews.

* However, that evil was a calculated part of an economic plan that consisted, in part, of a fear campaign he knew would lead middle-class Germans to want, at any cost, relief from the upheaval caused by evil ‘fat cats and banksters’ – oh, many of whom were Jews, an identifiable enemy.


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