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Dear GOP Presidential Candidates:

In Opinion on October 11, 2011 at 2:28 pm

It seems to me that not one of you grasps the importance of the 2012 election or, more accurately, the depth of the problems our country is facing.  If you can make me believe that you do understand, I will support and aid your effort to make the point that we face the extinction of freedom.

In that vein, I’ll share some thoughts triggered by events of the last few days.

1.  One of you (Newt Gingrich) said one of the only intelligent things I’ve heard about the Occupy Wall Street protests – that they are a clear indictment against the leadership of the Obama presidency and, I’ll add, the entire DC ruling class.  That comment was dismissed as part of GOP’s anti-Obama agenda.

I think that Newt’s point can be made differently and more effectively by looking more sympathetically at the protests.  Doing that, I think, could result in that elusive thing that everyone claims they desire – that the two sides come together and move the country forward.  That must happen not by compromising principles; true compromise can occur only between two parties with a common objective.  That is not the case between Dems and Reps as those political parties stand today.  Moving forward will occur only if someone leads peoples to support the American, capitalist system.  We have to win the argument, not prolong the battle.

2.  In this Youtube piece (Civil rights hero belittled by OWS) Congressman John Lewis is treated with total disregard as the Atlanta off-shoot of Occupy Wall Street considers whether he is worthy of their attention, worthy of taking their stage for a few minutes.  My point?  I wonder what Mr. Lewis would choose if given the options of (a) repeating that experience in Atlanta, and (b) walking the ‘gauntlet’ of the Tea Party again, as he did last summer when he was purportedly spat upon and called a bad word.  I’m not suggesting that the Tea Party is better, kinder or gentler, just that the OWS group is not a group anyone, especially the party in power, ought to try to co-opt.  They will not be patronized or pacified.

Properly understood, OWS’ers are rebelling against power, per se, not the GOP or John Boehner or Goldman Sachs.  I sympathize with their dissatisfaction even while I despise their choice of answers and means of communicating.  An aspiring leader should attempt to get some of this group’s attention, so he can direct their energy to productive use.  Can you?  Will you?

3.  OWS’ers are against Wall Street fat cats, corporate CEOs and bankers.  Let’s help them focus by asking this:  How many Wall Street CEOs voted on the House/Senate floor for any of these government actions:

  • increasing the lending limits of Freddie/Fannie while weakening the underwriting standards for “qualified” mortgages,
  • ObamaCare,
  • Dodd-Frank,
  • prescription drug benefits for Medicare patients,
  • TARP,
  • the “Stimulus” package, or
  • any other act of the government that has strangled our economy, little by little, for the last 50 years?

Senators and Congressmen voted and two different presidents signed those laws.  That ruling class, not Wall Street, is the culprit.  That point unites the Tea Party and OWS’ers.

4.  One of the protestors’ slogans goes something like “we’re the 99%; down with the 1%.”  Granted, a group of 99 beats 1 man every time.  Let’s ask this:  When will they realize that 98 also beats 1, as does 97, 96 and so on.  Remind them that, in their majoritarian world, 100% of them are one day or another going to be part of some out-of-favor minority of ONE, and will have their freedom diminished by some moneyed interest.  We must refrain from taking freedom from any group or person, no matter how small or unlikable.  Any campaign or agenda that is based solely or primarily on the size of the majority that can rant and rave in its favor ought to be feared.  I think that the OWS group will realize the flaw in their approach if that simple point is made.

To ignore or belittle these people because they don’t shave, bathe daily or wear ties is not an act of leadership, Mr. Cantor, et. al.  The OWS discontent is no different, really, from the discontent expressed by the Tea Party.  Their forms of protest are different – the Tea Party simply wants more freedom for everyone, whereas these OWS people want to be more free only in relative terms, so to speak, by using the government and mob power to make some other people LESS free.  I think that they can be made to see the error of their ways if a leader points out that they’ve misidentified the villain.  That leader need only speak plainly about the anti-American nature of the OWS views and solutions.  Either OWS will discard its anti-corporate, anti-America venom, or they will be marginalized.  Very few Americans will cotton to the socialist objective of equalizing outcomes, no matter how often its proponents scream “We’re not socialists, damnit!”

Why are we debating whether Social Security is or isn’t a “Ponzi Scheme”?  Who cares if Mormonism is called a cult, or whether Rick Perry carries a paint brush with him when he visits the family hunting lodge?  Why are Boehner, Cantor, Cain, Beck and Limbaugh fanning the flames rather than addressing the problems that produce this level of discontent and disgust.

We’ve had enough of politicians taking various Americans’ side, pitting us one against the others.  Who’s taking America‘s side in this election?

Will you say these things and ask these questions? Will you begin a discussion that doesn’t make us all want to move to the middle of Idaho with a few books, a pen and paper?

Will you?  Soon?  Please.


One American


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