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Coffee, Tea or Freedom

In Opinion on August 3, 2011 at 12:06 pm

What are they serving at the Tea Party?

Freedom.  The right to be left alone.  The part of the American populace that is attracted to the Tea Party is ALL of it excepting only those who are part of or beholden to the vast and expanding political class.

You see, the human race, particularly Americans, are acquisitive, expansionist by nature.  In a word, innovators.  Want proof – look around.  Every thing you see, touch, hear, feel or otherwise experience that was not put here by “nature” is here because someone at some point wanted or needed more of something.  And that is man’s nature.  It isn’t taught or learned or implanted.  It is inborn.

And for centuries and generations, fear of that nature is what motivated entrenched powers to write rules to keep that natural urge in check.  Kings, lords, czars, popes, emperors,  – – – – they all wrote laws that enshrined themselves and kept men in chains.  The fruit of a man’s labor belonged to the collective, and since the king or lord or  . . .  was the embodiment of the collective and held a monopoly on power (see rules above) men were slaves or servants of the state.  Men toiled, mostly in misery, so the rulers could live in luxury.

Until America; until an ocean separated a group of men from their putative rulers; and when the cat’s far away, the imaginative mice play, with freedom.  America was out of the reach of the king, and we declared independence, we did not declare war.  Yet, victory in bloody battles brought to our shores by that king enabled the seeds of freedom to take root.  A country ruled by laws made and administered by free men, a nation not ruled by men, was envisioned and founded by wise men who had gathered in New England, and within, say 100 years, the strongest, most affluent nation in all of history had blossomed and spread across a continent.

That country’s two foundational documents were ingenious and revolutionary.  They contained concepts about organizing life in ways that had never been tested.  They resulted in the synchronization of humanity’s intellectual power with capitalism, freedom, individual rights and democracy – and consequently, the the most powerful force we know, the power of compounding, was applied to human endeavors like never before and human progress never looked back.

But, now – – – there is a sense, a strong one, that the rules are being written by a political class in a manner that weakens the people’s hold on the government.  The political class is nourished by one thing – taking freedom.  There is no better way of thinking of the tax and spend habits of Washington than to look at it in its most simple terms – taking money from one man and giving it to another, and asking the recipient to give thanks and pay homage to the mediator, not to the creator of the wealth.  The political class lives off of that homage – they produce nothing.  They merely TAKE.   And to survive, they have to take more and more, especially as that class gets bigger and bigger.  It has to, literally, feed itself, so it takes as much as it can get.

Producers frighten those parasitic rule-makers, so the political class is in a panic over the Tea Party.  The free men who are producing resent the takers now that they see the takers are not spending their tax money on roads, armies, bridges or other public accommodations or needs (the “general welfare”).  More than 75% of what the government does with tax money is merely a transfer of it to another person.  And they are re-writing the rules to make that theft legal and to entrench themselves in power.

That will destroy the productive spirit in man.  It will kill this great republic, and THAT is what the Tea Party folks can’t bear.  You can watch the reaction from the political class to see how right the Tea Party is.  The politicians are frightened and are doing everything they can to kill, vilify, lampoon, intimidate and otherwise marginalize the Tea Party.  It threatens their whole world and this may be a fight to the death.

We have to eliminate – figuratively – that class of people who attempt to rule rather than govern this nation.  It will be violent if, and only if, the ruling class does not cede its power peacefully.

Though it never has happened thusly, may it happen peacefully, just this one time.


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