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Ed “potty-mouth” Schultz and Laura Ingraham

In Opinion on May 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm
Calling Laura Ingraham a slut is not even in the Top 10 most offensive things Ed Schultz has said on TV or radio in the last 30 days.  Rants and insults are his stock-in-trade.  Given his history, to decide that “slut” is where one draws the line and suggest that for that act he should be sacked (or even suspended) is, as my 13-year old would say, random.  If you were his boss and had not yet fired him for his irrational, unhinged, dishonest and generally insult-laced commentary, you would not (and should not) fire him now.  The one-week suspension is a fig-leaf, and we know it.  He’ll come back to spread more lies and hatefulness, only with a veneer of shamefulness and consequent arrogance, as if apologizing for using the word ‘slut’ removes the smell from the rest of his verbal excrement.
MSNBC has an agenda – to spread the lie that all things conservative lack any merit, deserve disdain and rejection, and otherwise disqualify their political opponents from the debate.  Even now, if you watch, you’ll see that their self-promotion pieces (the little vignettes of their on-air talent pontificating about issue A or issue B) are political campaigns in and of themselves – all against a backdrop of screaming that Fox News is NOT news, merely Roger Ailes’s propaganda machine.
In that light, Mr. Schultz deserves a raise.  You’ll note that neither he, nor his network, has retracted or denied the meaning of his words – that Laura Ingraham’s work is unfit for consumption, that her views are retrograde and not worthy of consideration.  They have not suggested that the essence of the statement was unfair or unrepresentative of their opinion of the likes of Ms. Ingraham, just that they are sorry he used “vile and inappropriate language.”  He even he dragged his wife into his apology statement, as if that might make us forget that he’s a misogynistic blowhard.
I suggest that to demand his dismissal is to fall into the trap of thinking that the sin he committed was a poor choice of words – once.  Let’s also refrain from thinking that monitoring words or thoughts is within the purview of what should be controlled by public opinion – that bumps up against or leads to a temptation to limit speech.  And while you and I are certain we would not succomb to that temptation, I don’t want to tempt the likes of, say, Julius Genachowski or Harry Reid, in that way.
Instead let’s merely point out that several men like Mr. Schultz are paid handsomely [I would assume] by that network to spew this vomit over the airwaves.  Let’s express no opinion about how WE think the owners of that network should spend THEIR money.  Makes it less likely they’ll get any traction when the try to tell you, me, Rupert Murdock, or David Koch how to spend our money.
And we let the chips fall.

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