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ObamaCare Riddle vs the Power of Freedom

In Opinion on May 17, 2011 at 2:27 pm

I’m certain I can’t solve the riddle that is created by the rationale of the liberal defense of ObamaCare.

Problem [stated sneeringly and with moral approbation and disdain]:  There are too many free-riders  taking advantage of free care at hospital emergeny rooms at an estimated cost to Americans of $XX billion per year.

Solution [stated with deep compassion]:  So that we might do a more civilized job of taking care of the poor who need access to affordable [i.e. free] health care, we must tax [those same] Americans $XXX billion per year.

Riddle:  Do we resent the free riders or have pity for the poor?

Answer:  I’d prefer to keep paying my share of $XX billion, wouldn’t you?

I honestly don’t mind that the poor are sponging off of the health-care system that the rest of us have built with our hard-earned dollars.  I don’t mind that some people who pay no property taxes benefit from the fire department.  I don’t even mind that some people pay NO income taxes and still have a nuclear arsenal protecting their shores.

I am convinced that most Americans agree with me, and I’m almost certain there haven’t been any “STOP THE POOR FROM USING THE EMERGENCY ROOMS” riots, demonstrations, rallies or marches.

Free men and women are generous and beneficent.  Forcing them to take care of the poor or feed the hungry via government programs is unnecessary and, worse, destructive of that generous and beneficent spirit.

Leave us alone, please, Washington, DC.  You can keep the Army, the Navy and even NPR; just give us back the rest of the money you confiscate from us every payday, and we’ll take care of the poor with no help from the federal government.

Let the power of freedom cure what’s wrong with America; it’s that power that made us the greatest nation of all time.


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