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Osama & Obama – They Don’t Just Rhyme

In foreign policy, Opinion, Political Critique on May 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm

They also think alike – at least in this regard.

You see, lots of people seem to be upset over the suspicion that the Pakistanis had knowledge of bin Laden’s residency in the neighborhood where our Navy Seals found him in his bedroom.  I think there is a much more important conclusion we might draw from that inference and the rational next one – that Osama knew that the Pakistanis were looking out for him and would warn him if he were ever in danger.

Furthermore, what might we deduce from Osama’s lack of security around his ‘compound’?  (BTW, didn’t the Kennedy’s have a compound?  Can we just call Obama’s abode his personal gated community?)

Start with this fact – Obama and his administration are on record time and time again with policy statements saying in effect that, until the State Department, The United Nations, The Council on Foreign Relations, George Soros, Chris Matthews and Vladimir Putin have signed off on a mission, the US military will not be deployed to protect American interests.

Theory – Osama believed him!  Therefore, he concluded that he had no need to maintain any expensive security force around his gated community.  He figured that, if the USA acted to come after him, he’d get plenty of warning from the intelligence community, particularly the Pakistani ISI or anyone else that Obama would have involved in his decision had he been true to his, er, multi-lateralist principles.

So the good news today is – President Obama can be counted on to do as he says exactly never.  It’s good news since, I suggest, that’s at least one of the, if not the primary reason we got Osama.

And, on a related note, Obama’s cheering squad are shouting over and over that this single act of ‘courage and bravery’ removes any concern that BHO is unreliable or indecisive in national security matters, and they are absolutely amazed that the President of the United States was capable of mingling among the press corps during their Saturday night prom – the annual WH Correspondents Dinner – without spilling the beans or being overly or noticeably concerned about the impending raid in Pakistan.  Unreal the logical knots they will tie themselves into when it comes to defending this man.


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