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Obama and Trump (or The Lady and the Tramp)

In Opinion on May 3, 2011 at 5:49 pm



On Saturday night, President Obama made a joke-filled speech before about 2500 people at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.  (See YouTube clips here).

I was taught a long time ago by a loving mother and father that rudeness is a sign of a lack of character.  I’ll go one step further on this one.  Public rudeness, hiding behind a podium with 2500 people watching, baiting a man – poking him in the eye, kneeing him in the groin – knowing that he can’t retaliate is the sign of a coward of the highest order.

President Obama – if you want to personally insult Donald Trump, meet him in a dark alley and do it to his face.  Take the risk that he’ll punch you back.  Otherwise, shut your pie-hole.

Mr. Trump – I happen to believe that you have no real interest in running for or being the President of the United States.  I also don’t think you really give a damn who is the next POTUS.  You’re mostly apolitical and put little importance on public office holders who are beholden to men like you for their power.  And, it doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong about either of those two matters.  This does matter – I hope you changed your mind as the President publicly slapped you around on Saturday.  I hope you decided that it’s now your personal mission to get him out of office.

OH, and I have a way to do it.  See here for the starting point.  For more go here and then track me down for the detailed plan.


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