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A few words to GWB critics

In foreign policy, Opinion, Political Critique on May 2, 2011 at 10:38 pm


(You can fill in the blanks for the questions to which I reply.)

1. Do you believe that if Saddam were still in power in Iraq, there’d be no terrorist safe havens there?  Grow up.  All the terrorists are in Pakistan (or Yemen or  . . .) because that’s where we’re NOT.

2. Really – GWB (the dunce) tricked the entire national security apparatus into going to war in Iraq to avenge a threat against his father?  God, I wish he’d applied that same trickery to, oh say, reforming Social Security or making lower tax rates permanent.  Damn!

3. Saddam Hussein had goals and objectives that were congruent with al Qaeda’s.  It is naive to think they never did or would never collaborate to destroy their mutual enemy.

4. Every intelligence agency in the world believed Saddam had WMD.  GWB did not lie.  More importantly, would you have preferred that he err on the opposite side of the question?  “Oh, baloney Dick [Cheney].  Let’s pass.  I’m pretty sure all the intelligence is wrong.  And he probably threw away the recipe for the gases he used against other Iraqis and the Kuwaitis, right?”

5. GWB wasted time going after ‘Small fish.’  Really? – Saddam commanded an army and controlled billions of barrels of oil and access to major pipelines and sea lanes in Middle East.  Osama is a bigger fish?

6.  Barack Obama has now removed any doubts about his national security credentials?  I must have missed it.  He replaced the entire national security apparatus and recruited all new Navy Seals for the purpose of eliminating bin Laden, and he exercised unique presidential courage and bravery by sending those new men into Pakistan (unilaterally – Pakistan had no knowledge of our plans)?  Baloney.  This victory happening on April 30, 2011 instead of January 19, 2009 is pure coincidence.  Stop the indecent, partisan chest-pounding; after all, I thought that politicizing national security matters was untoward and overly partisan.

There’s more, but the point is made.

God Bless America.


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