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Campaign to win or govern?

In Opinion on April 26, 2011 at 10:14 pm

South Carolina governor Haley told the truth today about the Republican candidates (including all the wanna-bes) who are parading through her state.  They are all playing the wrong game.  They are obsessed with winning the presidency – they apparently have no idea about how to govern the country IF they do win – sounds like the strategy of the current occupant of the White House.

(See Here for a report on Gov. Haley’s comments)

The governor is exactly right.  She, like most Americans, wants the candidates to tell us what they believe.  We do not want to hear what their campaign strategy will be, since that is tantamount to telling us how you’ll divide the country into voting blocks and, then, divide and conquer. That is what Barack Obama did – and continues to do.  THAT is exactly what both parties are doing, and it is destroying the country.

Politics is too important, therefore too nasty – too much is at stake because the government is too big by a factor of, say 3X.  Let people live their lives without government intrusion, and they won’t fight each other over spending cuts to their favorite program – they’ll figure out how to get their ‘program’ funded the old fasioned way – by convincing others to contribute or invest of their own volition, not compelled by the IRS to pay up or go to jail.  What a peaceful country that would produce.  That’s the country where I thought I was going to raise two sons.

Let’s find a presidential candidate who will give it back to us.

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