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The Ryan Plan – A Deeply Flawed Compromise

In Economics, Political Critique on April 17, 2011 at 10:38 pm

The Wall Street Journal is correct about President Obama and the poison he’s poured into the dialogue.  (See editorial here)  However, the Ryan plan is part of the problem, too.

Ryan’s plan is akin to something that, say, Bill Clinton could have proposed in 1996.  It does not contain a single clear statement of principals that could distinguish it from any other partisan economic plan.  “Economic plan” – that phrase alone tells us all we need to know, doesn’t it?

Ryan’s plan is merely a collection of compromises and marginally different government solutions that MAY result in there being a smaller government – until another Nancy Pelosi Congress undoes it all again.  The Ryan Plan contains no rational for smaller government or any defense of lower taxes for the sake of making men more free – it suggests small government and lower taxes are mere policy preferences that will accomplish some preferred economic outcome or another.  That is NOT the way a free people ought to be governed.  It is not what our founding fathers envisioned for their posterity.  It is not the government men and women have died to preserve.

When we argue on such terms, government wins.  If instead we use individual liberty and freedom as the moral rational and basis for a small government with limited powers, lower taxes, etc., we have a winning argument.  When the GOP says “we have to tax the rich less because they create jobs,” they’re merely make another rebuttable statement, adding to the cacophony – whoever shouts last or loudest wins the public’s attention, and defending ‘the rich’ is drowned out by ‘help your fellow man.’

Defending freedom and individual liberty, a man’s right to dispose of his income and wealth as he sees fit, not based on some split-the-difference compromise between John Boehner and Barack Obama, will gain support of Americans.  Vowing to fight Barack Obama in order to take slightly less money from the rich and spend it differently is not an inspirational platform.

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