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More Wisconsin – Union Busting or Good Governance?

In Opinion on February 22, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post weighs in on Wisconsin and union busting.  (Link Here).  He suggests that Wisconsin’s budget crisis is but a fig leaf for Governor Walker meant to cover the governor’s true goal, to bust the public employees’ unions.  He accuses the governor of bad faith (renegging on settled contracts) and an almost violent intent (starving the union to death).  He’s wrong factually and philosophically.

My reply:

Dear Mr. Robinson,

A few points of contention.

1.  Ease up on the rhetoric!
2.  The genesis of a bad deal is not relevant. Irresponsible behavior by prior governmentt officials does not recommend the same, does it?
3.  The government is not renegging on a deal, they’re attempting to make a new, fairer deal.  But for marriage and a few others, no deal is forever and ever, is it?  Didn’t you ever ask Donald Graham for a raise?
4.  Are you sure you want to confess that the unions would starve for cash if their members were not compelled to join and to have their dues collected by the government out of their paychecks?
5.  Gov. Walker can’t accept the ‘concessions’ offered by the union officials.  I’ve heard him explain several times (aren’t you listening?) that the hundreds of local elected leaders have the responsibility to negotiate those contracts.  That is precisely why he’s holding firm on the collective bargaining issue. Otherwise the local officials are paper tigers in their negotiations with the local unions; they face the Hobbesian choice of (a) stranding local voters with no trash collection or ambulance services, for example, in the event of a strike or (b) caving-in to the unreasonable demands of the union bosses.

It is the battle (the first of many, I fear) between Individual Liberty vs Group rights.

Keep up the good work, Governor Walker.


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