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Arizona proposes to outlaw breaking the law!

In Opinion on February 16, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Arizona reportedly is considering a law to require a patient to establish that his presence in the USA is legal before administering services to that patient.

Yes, and the gas station makes me pay for my gasoline before I pump it.  Every time.  I haven’t tried to leave the grocery store without paying, but I am positive they’ll try to stop me.  And, last Thursday, at a local pub, before I left, I paid my tab – sort of a custom in these parts.

Is any one of those attempts to minimize illegality unacceptable?

Some have suggested that the Arizona law might discourage people (who are here illegally) from going to the hospital.  Well, come to think of it, that’s exactly the intent of the law – to make it difficult to live here illegally, thereby making breaking the law more difficult, thereby making it rarer.

Good work Arizona.  Bravo.

NOTE: I think open borders are preferable.  Maximize legal, documented immigration for people who will be obligated to support themselves, and (1) the economy will grow (free men and women are net producers) and (2) illegal immigration will be minimized.  But as long as the laws are as they are, Arizona’s efforts to minimize law-breaking by making law-breaking a breach of the law is a sound idea.


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