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Oprah on Obama – Does she OWN the rule book?

In Opinion, Recommended Reading on February 15, 2011 at 5:45 pm

A friend (Jon Kraushar) just published a story on  (Link Here).

Jon takes issue with recent comments from Oprah Winfrey, who suggests that any criticism of Barack Obama should be muted out of respect for the office of the presidency.  His analysis is thoughtful and thorough.

I was curious about his readers’ response, so off I went to the Comments section.  Reading those inspired these thoughts, also posted to his comment section.

While our friend, Mr. Kraushar, presents his case in civil terms, there seems to be a somewhat belligerent tone to some of the comments.  Oprah and her followers will listen if we speak to her in rational, civil terms – as did Mr. Kraushar.  Screaming will get us nowhere.

I’m no apologist for the leftists’ point of view.  I’m all for converting all of them to the right (and correct) way of thinking.  However, I believe that the minister who emotes some sympathy for his ‘flock’ gets more converts with his fire and brimstone sermon than does the preacher who tells his congregation they’re all sinners.

We need converts, not more angry antagonists.

FOUR words summarize America’s miracle.  Certain. Unalienable. Rights. Endowed.

America’s C.U.R.E.

WE CAN DO BETTER.  Spread the word.


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