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I’ll risk it; An unhedged opinion about Abortion

In Opinion on February 8, 2011 at 10:26 pm

Recently, on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow did a hard-hitting story on abortion, noting with shock that some Republicans in the state house of Wyoming had the gall to promote ‘pro choice’ policies.

Two questions:

1.     Is a fetus alive; is ‘it’ a life?

2.     Is the ‘choice’ a woman faces when she elects to abort a pregnancy a personal choice that is morally and ethically significant?

Unless your answer to both of those questions is the same, you’re having an argument with yourself about what you believe, and I’ll CHOOSE to stay out of it; I can’t argue against both you – I’m outnumbered. [Click below to read MORE]

When you stop chasing yourself around the table and choose a chair to sit it, we can talk.  It will be a short talk, and it will go something like this.

First, if you eventually answer YES to both questions, I can’t imagine that you will also think it’s a good idea to promote a public policy that results in more abortions.  We will work together to minimize those objectionable procedures.

Second, if you eventually say NO to both, I will be sad, and I might try to change your mind.*  But, if I can’t and there are a statistically significant number of people who agree with you, I swear I will not make any effort to pass a law that abridges your right to have a doctor remove from the womb of a pregnant woman a thing you have concluded is the equivalent of a cyst, as I see nothing in the US Constitution that empowers the federal government to pass such a law.

I ask only one thing from you in return.  Keep your murders to yourselves; don’t ask me nor any of the people who agree with me to fund one penny of your crimes against humanity, either with tax dollars or any other money of mine that might get co-mingled with yours.  Pay for your right to kill a baby with your own money, pretty please.


* For example, I might say something like, “Yes, we’re all pro-choice.  Unless you were raped, you already made your choice, Mom, when you had intercourse.  Neither your rights nor your comfort or convenience trump your baby’s right to live.”

And, then we will address a “life of the mother” exception:  I recommend we don’t ask the law to make that choice in advance; I don’t see it as a good use of elected officials time to determine and codify the “right”or moral answer to that ethical dilemma.  Mom – you, the father and your doctor make that decision, like you and your fellow passengers might someday have to choose who gets the last seat in the lifeboat, without any help from a law that could never properly address every scenario.

And, when we get to rape victim or incest exceptions:  I could not be more sympathetic.  Some people get cancer, some die when struck by lightening, and several hundred died yesterday in a car accident.  But we can’t punish a rapist or get even with fate by killing a baby.  No exceptions.  It’s a life.


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