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Has anyone read BHO’s Chamber speech?

In Opinion, Political Critique on February 8, 2011 at 9:20 am

Barack Obama is widely praised for his walk across Lafayette Park to visit the Chamber of Commerce.  His speech is being scored as another ‘move to the center’ and as part of his acknowledgment that his reelection chances in 2012 hinge on convincing the independent voter that he is not anti-business, that he is not a leftist, socialist, collectivist, big-government liberal. WOW!  A little gesture here, a couple of speeches there and, voila, a new man is born.
READ THE SPEECH.  He’s the same man even if he’s not calling businessmen evil to their face or decrying their desire to make a profit.  Instead, he told their lobbyists in Washington (The US Chamber of Commerce) to make their clients behave correctly, i.e. the way the government wants them to behave.  In his lecture, he instructed the lobbyists that businesses have a responsibility to create jobs and share the wealth – or maybe he said ‘spread’ the wealth.  Businesses owe that to the government in exchange for the government’s ‘investment’ in infrastructure and all the other good things it does for business, like strong-arming China into buying things from America (that China can’t buy anywhere else), like implementing rational free-trade policy with South Korea, or like de-regulating the over-regulated economy (another fib – see our letter published in The WSJ HERE).  Business owes the Obama Administration its compliance, its profits and a Thank You note, too. A large part of his administration’s economic policy (can we please call that what it is – state planning) is basically “do as we say with YOUR money, or we’ll tax it.”  Isn’t that what a “tax credit” is about?  As with all of such policies, the government dictates (or nudges, as Cass Sunstein would say) certain behavior.  Invest the right way, hire the right people, eat the right food, drive the right car, buy the right ethanol-infused gasoline, buy enough solar panels, build the right house . . . and get a tax-credit.  Isn’t a tax-credit government spending in disguise?  The government deigns to let YOU spend YOUR money the way the government wants you to . . . or it tak[x]es it away from you. Demanding ransom while holding businesses (aka American men and women) hostage to ‘business-friendly’ government policy is not a move toward business, is not about freedom or free markets.  Speaking in a language that implies a ‘partnership’ between government and business can be seductive, but it’s not the American way.  Putting a gun to the head of economic freedom and threatening to pull the trigger UNLESS the Chamber of Commerce gets in line is not a move to the center, is not being a pragmatist, is not doing a Clinton-pivot or a Reagan mid-term adjustment that will save his presidency. Those are all signs that the government is taking control of the economy, and they make a travesty of our constitution.  Disguising all of it in duplicitous language and having the nerve to give the speech to men who purportedly know better are bold, but they’re not a sign of a politician changing his stripes.  They are characteristic of tyranny. WE CAN DO BETTER, AMERICA.  Yes YOU can.


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