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Another distortion from the Left about tax policy

In Economics, Opinion on February 8, 2011 at 10:19 pm

The left is crowing about the fact that “tax payments are at a 60-year low” (Ed Schultz, MSNBC).

As a percentage of GDP, tax collections are indeed down.  And, as a percentage of the distance to the sun measured in miles, 2010 is smaller than 2011.  Mathematically true, both of those statements.

But an important fact gets in the way of their celebration, their attempt to portray President Obama as a low-tax president.  Government spending is at a post-World War II high at approximately 25%.  Someone has to pay off the debt that is incurred to pay for that spending, so it’s a lie to say that because we collected less of the money this year, we didn’t tax America as much.

The truth is, EVERY dollar of government spending is a TAX – we either pay it now or your progeny pay it later.  Don’t be fooled.  More spending is higher taxation; it means the government is or will be taking more of your money from you; it means less freedom.


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