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Can we predict innovation? Our government thinks so.

In Economics, Recommended Reading on February 7, 2011 at 11:18 am

Professor Boudreaux makes the point well in his recent post on Cafe Hayek.

An oxymoron – Politically favored Innovation

So President Obama wants to encourage investment in innovation and new technology so the USA can compete with other countries.

As it turns out, Mr. President, this country of freedom-loving men has been doing that for generations with no help from politicians or any big-government ideas.  By definition, one can’t anticipate or get ahead of innovation or creativity.  It is spontaneous, it happens at the hands and in the minds of free men participating in mutually beneficial exchanges and in the pursuit of money and profit.  The government can only stifle that activity by redirecting labor and capital into some preferred use.

Let freedom produce good things in abundance, as it always has.



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