Jeff Neal for C.U.R.E. - Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment

ObamaCare vs. Freedom

In Opinion, Recommended Reading on February 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Deborah Sloan form American Thinker posts this lively and substantive defense of truth and freedom in the wake of Judge Vinson’s finding that the individual mandate hinges on powers not granted the government in the constitution.

ObamaCare vs. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Any “right” that imposes an obligation on another man can only be ‘exercised’ by use of force.  The granting of any such ‘right’ must be accompanied by a gun, and in the case of health care law, that gun is in the hands of the President of the United States and his delegates.  May God save us all from such acts of tyranny.

Freedom, our Certain Unalienable Rights Endowment from our creator, is our only CURE.



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