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We found the ‘free lunch’

In Economics, Financial, Health Care Reform, Humor, Political Critique on February 2, 2011 at 4:16 pm

It is reported that a US Senator has found either the perpetual motion machine or the free lunch.

Well, sort of.  [CLICK below to read MORE]

While speaking of the health care reform law, Senator Max Baucus said today, “It does cost a trillion dollars. But it raises a trillion dollars so it costs nothing,” adding that many of the people who will pay fees for the service support the legislation.

Senator Baucus, I have another idea.  I’m going to have lunch with a friend tomorrow, and he’s going to pay, so it costs nothing.  And, he said he even supports the idea.  Then on Friday, we’re going to visit a few car dealerships, and . . . this is going to be really fun!

Are you kidding me?  Why do we let politicians capable of saying (and, we presume, believing) something so inane make decisions and establish rules that can affect every aspect of our lives?  We used to be a country with a limited government and a free people that held it’s elected officials to a few standards; at least we expected them to tell the truth.



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