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The gap between rich and poor

In Economics, Financial, Opinion, Recommended Reading on February 1, 2011 at 10:30 pm

Don Boudreaux again.  Several examples that make the point that wealth is not necessarily sticky or bias.  Wealth is created by worthy, hungry and hard-working men.  It isn’t static or loyal.  It, absent government intervention that favors the well-connected, flows freely to and from the productive and the moochers, respectively.

See his piece HERE. on Cafe Hayek.

Another point.  About the purported problem of a concentration of too much wealth in too few hands….those who are for ‘distributive justice’ seem to favor a set of government policies to ‘correct’ that problem might check their math.  Taxation to spread the wealth would give 535 men and women control over the wealth of millions of ‘rich’ people (1% of the population is > 3 million people, and they possess a mathematically disproportionate % of the wealth in America).

535 is 0.000147% of the population.



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