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Constitutional Lesson and Informed Opposition

In Health Care Reform, Opinion, Political Critique, Recommended Reading on February 1, 2011 at 4:14 pm

The February 1st WSJ editorial (link here) highlights the merits of yesterday’s court ruling on health care reform law.

Indeed, reading Judge Vinson’s ruling on health care reform law is a lesson in US Constitutional law.  It should be required reading for, say, the sitting POTUS, the Majority Leader of the US Senate, and maybe even Senator Scott Brown.

Indeed, I will go one more step – maybe ALL of the GOP members of Congress should spend a couple hours studying the ruling (we would not expect the Dems to have any serious respect for the Constitutional tenets so carefully articulated and defended in the decision).

My point is: had the GOP members of Congress mounted the proper opposition to the law while it was under consideration in the House and the Senate, I think the public’s opposition to its provisions would have been too much for even Harry Reid to ignore.  The anti-freedom, anti-individual rights provisions of the law are its very essence, and those provisions described as such would be anathema to all but a tiny minority of Americans.

Instead, the GOP spent most of the limited debate time on the bill debating the pros and cons of certain spending or taxing provisions and wasted time denouncing procedural tactics used by the Democrats to stifle opposition to the law.  Particularly in light of the CBO scoring rules, those were futile debates and distractions from the (only?) important questions that should be posed when considering ANY law – (1) Does this law make Americans more or less free AND (2) Did the [We the] PEOPLE grant to the government the power to do what is contemplated in the law?

Instead, our legislators ask only “Will this win or lose votes in my next campaign?”



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