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A Letter to the WSJ

In Financial, Letters to Editor, Regulation on January 31, 2011 at 3:54 am

Our letter recently published in The Wall Street Journal

Link here.

You smilingly call it “fine print” when you describe the portion of President Obama’s recent executive order that requires agencies to consider the unquantifiable benefits of “human dignity, fairness and distributive impacts” when weighing the costs and benefits of a regulation (“Obama’s Rule-Making Loophole,” Review & Outlook, Jan. 24). That’s not fine print. That is the very essence and the sole purpose of the executive order—to override any and all previous orders which required an honest, objective cost/benefit analysis.


It takes a willful lack of scrutiny and critical thinking on the part of a participant in the law-making field to miss and, thereby, abet this blatant power-grab. This new “level the playing field” directive will be used against any profit-making enterprise that dares cross the administration. Have or develop a competitive advantage in your business? You better use it the way the assistant deputy secretary of (fill in agency) desires, or else your advantage will be deemed “unfair” and, thus, illegal before your very eyes. This is Cass Sunstein’s dream come true. He has license, no, a direct order, from the president to do as he pleases with American industry.

Quiet, well-intentioned tyranny is no less destructive to the human spirit. Wake up, America.

Jeffrey Neal, Washington, DC


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