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The Face of A Revolution?

In Opinion on March 10, 2014 at 9:38 am

Palin CPACSarah Palin treats CPAC to 30 minutes of folksy applause lines delivered with syrupy condescension.

[See full speech here Palin @ CPAC 2014]

Insulting liberals, demeaning Barack Obama, denouncing establishment Republicans and waving the flag is no way of taking power from an entrenched regime. It may sell books and draw crowds, it may even get a few people elected to the House or the Senate. However, it is not the basis for a sustained effort to undermine the power of the machine that controls Washington, DC.

She’s been in her cocoon for too long. Her speech is an incoherent series of slogans and phrases borrowed from bloggers and rabble-rousers. Since leaving Alaska, she has learned that enthusiastic applause and passion translate to power and money. She has become a hero and a character actor. She will cause a stir, but no one ever signed up for a revolution, no king overthrown, because he was about to “bankrupt our nation.”

She and many of her cohorts are fools to think that her targets, your elected officials, will voluntarily put down their guns, or that all will be well in the land if only we might find a man with (R) after his name to be POTUS and elect 51 or 60 of his ilk to the US Senate.

America’s decline began long before January 21, 2009, and no number of election cycles will stop it. The only way to win is to make elections irrelevant. If enough of us ignore their unjust laws, stop sending the checks, stop wasting time listening to cutesy speeches and attending pep rallies, stop looking for freedom in its antithesis - politics and state power – the kings will either (1) be honest about their objectives and come for you with guns (shoot back!) or (2) leave their no longer cushy perch in Washington to find real jobs to feed themselves. Either way, you’ll win unless you surrender, unless you fear them or worship them.

She does not want less power to reside in Washington, she wants people who will listen to her to hold that power. Who do you want to own your life?

Why So Much Security?

In Opinion on December 14, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Put aside the NSA and CIA.  Think a few minutes about the US Secret Service.

A group of thousands of men and women spending an undisclosed amount of money on the most sophisticated weaponry and security apparatus available, and who, on a whim, exercise military control over the population – try crossing the street when the motorcade is within a mile of you in downtown DC, for example.  All this to protect the class of people who make the rules that determine how you will or may live your life, guarding the people who ceremoniously and self righteously grant you permission to do this or that, but only within those certain guidelines spelled out in a code of laws that consumes hundreds of thousands of printed pages that are indecipherable to any single person.  They enforce the law that makes it a felony to threaten to hurt the POTUS or any elected federal official – can you say thought crime? – but if you smoke too much weed or advertise your raw milk for sale in the wrong state, you will be shot if you run when they come for you with the handcuffs.

What do they fear?  Isn’t the Secret Service their admission that they’re benevolent front is a fraud?  Similarly, what’s the need for hundreds of super secret meetings – in Congress, in the White House, all over DC – about how to spend your money, how much of it to take from you on April 15th, which person to kill with a drone strike, or who will be appointed to this judgeship or that cabinet position?  Why, for the love of Pete, conduct secret meetings about a web site meant to make it easier/cheaper to see a doctor for a sore throat or a triple by-pass?  Secret meetings about what border crossings are legal and which are not?  Secret meetings about who gets to build the next Air Force One?

Secrecy – who is protected by secrecy?  What purpose does it serve?  Is it like keeping a surprise party secret from the birthday boy?  Is it about national security?  Yeah, right.  They are deciding how they will force YOU to live YOUR life under THEIR thumb, and they’ve made it illegal for you to have information about their deliberations, because it’s “classified.”  And, you’re supposed to tell them thank you, to honor them by addressing them as Senator, Congressman and MISTER President, as they live the high life spending your money.  You’re meant to believe the lie that what they do is properly called “public service” and that they are selfless, angelic creatures dispensing goodies to the underprivileged who would, apparently, be destitute if left to fend for themselves or to rely on the benevolence of ‘ordinary’ people who have neither the proper training to be good community organizers nor the guns to enforce their version of compassion.

Make ‘em get their own life.  Elect yourself to take back yours.

Papal Economics – FAIL 2.0

In Opinion on December 5, 2013 at 11:50 am

Pope FrancisAfter posting a critique of Pope Francis’s Evangelii Gaudium, I was accused of not having read carefully enough or taking certain parts out of context.

Not this time.  My line-by-line mark-up is here > Evangelii Gaudium Markup.

I look forward to your retort and request that you:

(a)  offer responses as specific as are these comments, critiques and questions;

(b)  refrain from pointing out typos and parsing my words – I didn’t edit or review my comments, so some might not be perfectly drafted;

(c)  excuse the occasional snark – Pope Francis poked mankind in the eye, and I took the liberty to poke back; and

(d)  not make the silly comment that I’ve taken something out of context – it’s interlineated in the context (and that’s redundant).

I addressed only the section of Chapter 2 that discusses economic matters directly.  If there is a superseding never mind or notwithstanding Chapter 2 provision, elsewhere in the document, I hope you’ll point me to it.

My comments are in red.


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